Nics photo

Nic is a passionate Photographer who is inspired by the execution of interesting briefs and strong concepts. With a love for portrait and landscape pictures, his images evoke emotion and a sense of narrative that either encompasses or documents his subject matter. Nic often manipulates light and colour to bring a beautiful cinematic and heightened quality to his work while still maintaining a truth and realism. He is known for his work photographing people in their natural environment where he captures genuine feelings and reactions. Enjoying both self directed assignments and large scale campaigns, Nic excels when collaborating on a brief as part of a team. His unique vision and creative energy help bring an idea life and often take it to the next level. Always looking for something extra, he has been know to say "Just one more shot" more than a few times. Often working within set limitations and tough locations, Nic thrives in challenging conditions where his natural problem solving and creative thinking can really shine. His work has featured in campaigns for international brands including Vodafone, Red Bull, Nestle, Izuzu, Air New Zealand, Meridian Energy, Fonterra, Fisher & Paykel, Telecom. When not photographing interesting people or places or trying to convince someone to let him take one more shot, Nic can be found indulging his obsession with space travel. His work often takes him to interesting places around the globe. On one recent trip to the USA he had hoped NASA would let him fly an old Space Shuttle. They didnt.